Sunday, September 11, 2016



I'm hoping friends, you can help us share our urgent need for sponsors. Many have stories similar to little Natalie's, below.

Natalie's mom came to us a few weeks ago crying and begging for help. Little Natalie was vomiting blood and had a consistently high fever. This is a huge concern for her, because when she spikes a fever, her tiny body begins to seize. We immediately took her into a clinic where they prescribed some meds and conducted a urine sample to do further testing. They sent her home to await results. Later that evening, Natalie's mom brought her back to us. Her color began to darken and she struggled to breathe. After further testing, the doctors determined that she had a severe UTI. She was prescribed additional meds and sent home to be watched over. That is actually quite difficult for Natalie's family, because the three daughters are raised alone, by their single mom. Because mom must work so hard for such long hours, the eldest at around 6, stays home to care for her sisters while their mother is out working.  After being sent home, and her mother leaving for work, Natalie overdosed on her meds. She was now very susceptible to seizing and falling into a coma. At this point it was safest and wisest for her to be brought into the constant care of the baby house so that she would be in a clean and safe environment. So, the following day, Natalie came into our full time care until she was well.We helped administer the correct amount of meds at the right time, and monitored her in case the fever returned.

This is just one of the stories of our kids; the stories of how your prayers and donations help. Fortunately, Natalie had a sponsor step up. Without Formula for the Philippines, She would not have had the chance to heal in a safe environment, let alone receive the medicine that she needed.

We currently have 3 kids enrolled that do not have sponsors, and at some point, we will have to remove them from our program unless someone steps up to help. We NEED sponsors. One-time gifts are a HUGE blessing to us. Prayer, and letting us know you are praying, is also a huge encouragement to our staff in the challenging work they do. Monthly donations of any amount take a huge load off of our shoulders, by letting us know we have the regular income to care for these families. Not just physically, by giving them the tools they need to protect themselves from disease, but also spiritually, by sharing the love of Christ with them every day.

Please be in prayer for our families, our kids, our staff, and the impact the program is having. We never want to have to turn away kids like Natalie.

Please consider how you might be able to help. As little as $40 a month can provide a child with nourishing, life-saving food and medical attention. To donate you can go to the “give” page at: To contact us, email me (Sarah) at