Friday, February 19, 2016

Meet Our Babies!

A number of you have already heard of our "Formula for the Philippines" program and the work we've started with little Princess. Some of you have also contributed to the effort and for that we are so grateful! There is such great need here, though, that we recently welcomed five more children into the program. We will need your help to sponsor these children so that we can continue providing them with food, medical care, and spiritual support. We thought you'd like to hear more about the program and the new babies who are a part of it.

How our "Formula for the Philippines" program works:

Each child is specifically chosen for the program. They are from the poorest families in our area. The child's age and overall heath determines which of the program's three phases they are placed in:
  • Age 0-1 receives strictly formula; (formula is necessary due to the low rate of breastfeeding in the Philippines - some health practitioners even discourage mothers from breastfeeding saying that it is likely they won't be able to do it. We provide mothers with breastfeeding education and support so that they will be better able to provide wholesome nutrition to future children.)
  • Age 1-2 receives a mixture of formula and coconut milk; (to assist in fighting parasites and in overall health)
  • Age 2 years and up receives a weekly food box.

Details of sponsorship:

We have divided the cost of providing food and services into sponsorship "units", as follows:
  • One time medical sponsorship: Most children considered for our program come to us with serious medical needs. After we sign them up, children may spend up to two weeks with us (and several other care providers) receiving treatment for things like parasite infestations, lice, or injuries. They are given 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, clothes, diapers and anything else they need. For this stay they need a one time sponsorship of $40 USD

  • Age 0-1: Due to the cost of formula, each child in this group requires three sponsors - each making a pledge of $40 USD/month.
  • 1-2 years old: Because all of our children struggle with parasites, when they turn one year old we begin to add coconut milk into their diet. Coconut milk is a natural parasite killer that we have seen work firsthand. For this age group, we are asking for two sponsors per child to pledge $40 USD/month.
  • 2 years and above: At this age, we begin to officially wean them off of milk. Children 2 and up receive a food box once each week that includes 4 kilos of rice, 6 eggs, 2 cans of sardines, 2 cans of meatloaf, 2 cans of corned beef, 2 packets of noodles, 2 packets of powdered milk, and almost half a kilo of fresh chicken for the day. One person pledging $40 USD/month can provide for a child in this phase of the program.
It is also our goal to educate mothers about how to breastfeed and care for their children so that we never have a return "client". When a baby graduates from this program, the mother should have a sufficient knowledge of hygiene and other information to keep her child/children safe from illness and disease.

Getting involved:

If you want to sponsor a child, we would love for you to feel personally involved! To sponsor a specific child, please contact Sarah with the child's name AND your address, so that we can send you a letter or a picture every once in a while! You can contact us at:

Babies that still NEED sponsors: 

(Our babies cannot continue in our program unless they are sponsored, so PLEASE carefully consider helping one of these children.)

Chrislann is 1 year old but is part of the older phase of our program. He's been a strong breastfeeder since he was born, (yay!!) but is starting to eat table food and his parents can't afford it. Chrislann needs one sponsor to pledge $37.00 USD a month to provide a food box for him. 

Chrislann lives in an open market on the streets with his family. In the past 6 months he has begun vomiting and discharging parasites, so he needs a one time sponsor of $40.00 USD to help him receive medical attention. 
Chrislann is a super happy fellow and is just about to start walking! We are so excited to have him in our program. 

Princess is part of the 1-2 year old phase of the program. Her birthday is January 6, 2015. She already has 1 sponsor but needs another one to cover the rest of the costs of her care. 

While in our care, we treated Princess for an existing head wound, as well as parasites, lice and a virus. 

Her father lost his job and Princess and her family live on the streets with no type of house or shanty. She is 1 of 5 children (baby number 6 on the way!) under the age of 6. With this coming baby, we are excited for the chance to teach mom how to nurse and possibly get Princess some nourishment directly from her mother! Since day one, Princess has survived on water, sugar water, coffee, and rice. Her parents never had the money to give her formula. When she came to us, Princess weighed 9 lbs. After 2 months in our care, she now weighs 11 lbs!


Daniella lives in a little cardboard shack with her mommy, daddy, and baby sister. She was a breastfeeder (along with baby sister) but is no longer on milk and needs food. Daniella needs a sponsor to pledge $37.00 USD a month to provide her with a weekly food box.

Daniella was registered just 3 days ago and is currently in our care. She has some serious parasites and needs a one time sponsor of $40.00 USD to cover the cost of her stay.

Like any other girl, Daniella thinks she's a princess and you can usually find her twirling around if she is wearing a dress.

Please consider sponsoring Daniella so that she can stay in our program and receive the food that she needs to keep growing.


Audris is 2 years old. She lives under a bridge with her parents and has recently gotten severely sick. Parasites have caused internal bleeding and she needs immediate help. Audris needs a sponsor to commit to $37.00 USD a month along with a one time sponsor of $40.00 USD to cover her medical care and the cost of her stay with us.

She was registered with Daniella 3 days ago and we have been waiting on blood, urine and fecal tests to be complete so that we can finally treat them.

Audris is a sweet little girl whose only interest is in food right now. She's a growing girl and loves it when we allow her to use the spoon to feed herself!


Paolo is a 4 year old little guy that is full of energy and fire. He lives with his mom near the bridge in a ripped cardboard house, where he is often looked after by his older sister.

You can usually find Paolo teasing one of the little girls or causing trouble somewhere else.

Paolo is blind in one eye due to an injury, and we are currently looking for a doctor to treat it.

We are so excited that Paolo is fully sponsored and can't wait to see how this impacts his life!

*names are now being changed to protect the privacy of our families*

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Gazing into Paradise.


From Michael:
I’ve been putting of writing this post about Paradise because we are SOOOOO close to being completely done! All of the “big” stuff is done and now we have a bunch of small projects to get the building complete. (Side note: We are looking for a sound system and projector to use here. If your family or church has an old one that isn’t being used, would you consider donating it to Paradise Alliance Church? We will be in the US in April and may be able to bring it back with us) I really want to show the amazing process from beginning to end, but because we are not quite done and due to our guest speaker’s schedule we are not holding our dedication service for a few weeks…I’ll have to wait. The last few months have been the best because we saw the church really take shape. It went from just construction to “Wow! There’s the stage! There’s the bathroom! There’s the roof! This place has become more and more incredible with every working light, coat of paint, chair, stair rail and we even have our cross now! But the most amazing thing to see is the people filling those seats every Sunday! I know we’ve only been in the building for a month, but it really has unified our four different groups into one church body.

Today, during Sunday school, I walked up stairs and just took everything in. It was amazing. I was kind of a state of shock thinking about how far this church building and (even more so) the people have come. I looked down, leaning on our newly installed railings and saw all these poor, bruised, uneducated, shoeless kids listening to the word of God and was amazed. Then those same kidos all came on stage and sang the welcome praise song and it made me realize how extraordinary these moments are. Think about it! The almighty, powerful, life-breathing, Creator of the universes is speaking to and through His precious children in this building! It's Paradise on earth! And it was possible because a bunch of people said YES to God. Pastor William and the FCAC team said YES to going into a SUPER dangerous place to share the gospel. A mission group from France called Isaiah 58 said YES to pay for the lot. World Family Missions said YES to raise the funds to construct the building. You said YES to support this church with prayer and finances! And most importantly, the people of Paradise Village are saying YES to Jesus! They are saying YES to turning away from their drunken, violent and sinful lifestyles! They are saying YES to working for an honest living! They are saying YES to instilling the word of God into their children. They are saying YES to holding on to Jesus even when there is nothing worth living for.

The theme of our dedication Sunday is going to be “Old to New”. 1 Corinthians 5:17 says “If anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation. The old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” Or as Christian singer Josh Wilson puts it “That was then, this is now. I’m bought by the blood, saved by the one the saints all sing about. That was lost, this is found. And it’s time to say goodbye to the old you now. Go ahead, put the past in the past. Box it up like an old photograph. You don’t have to go back, because that was then and this is now.”
God has blessed us with a church building and it proudly stands as a glorious symbol of God taking our trash and
sin and turning it into His holy temple.
Thank you Lord for Paradise Alliance Church.  
If you would like to learn more or sponsor any of the small projects we have left, please message us on Facebook or email us at, (Michael) or (Sarah).
Thank for all your prayers and support!
Michael, Sarah, Eden Jones.

Eden really likes spoons :)