Thursday, August 25, 2016



Weeks of preparation, a 24 hour flight, 8 days of chaos - and I mean literal CHAOS - a wedding, 21 hours of driving, a baby that thinks her parents are insane, puking and pregnancy nausea (did we mention baby #2 is on the way!?), and yes, we are finally here. Four short days we have been here, and we hit the ground running. Michael started training the morning after we got here, I started unpacking our cute, new little house, and then started training the following day, we've attending our CPR class, and we are sifting through hundreds of pages of paper work and training material. I sometimes wonder if God is chuckling at me for all of the times I told my mother I was bored. 

God has been so gracious during this process. Each time we hit a bump, He tells us to breath and He provides. Philippians 4 -or using my ability to read; Philippines 4- It says to rejoice, not to worry, and His peace will cover us. So thankful for this reminder! 

Both Michael and I have enjoyed getting to know the center these past few days. Introductions to staff and fellow employees have been made and relationships with the kids have begun. Some have recognized us from previous summer camps, so that's been fun. Among all of these new things and learning curves I have had to keep up with the ministries in the Philippines. Please pray for them as we still have babies and families with sponsors! 

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Eden says, "hi!"

Our new little apartment.