Thursday, October 30, 2014

A walk to remember.

October 30th, 2014

We went for a walk to the market today. I continue to be amazed by the lifestyle that I have never seen before. Blocks and blocks of little booths filled with everything from NBA jerseys to freshly caught (and some not so fresh) fish, being beheaded right before my eyes. The booths are also filled with many different types of people and animals. From old women to new born naked babies as well as little puppies and kitties.
It was such an exciting, strange and desperate atmosphere. These people spend every minute of everyday in a hot booth just trying to make enough money to eat at least one meal. As interesting as this was the most amazing, humbling, and heart breaking time was after we left the market.

To get to the market you had to cross over a bridge, I have crossed over it several time while jogging with the teens from the church. During these jogs I had seen people who were living under the bridges and today I was able to meet some of them.-M

We walked down and they graciously let us see their house. We crouched down to enter underneath the bridge where their home was. It was musty and still and unbelievably hot. It was pitch black, you could not see your hand in front of your face. We thanked them for letting us in and proceeded to head back out. As we walked out we saw a little one laying listless on the floor; bare skin exposed and covered in rashes. My heart broke for the little one. We decided to go get groceries and take it back to them. -S

When we got back with the grocery's we got to see inside of their "house." They literally lived inside of the bridge in a tiny tunnel (not big enough to stand in). While Sarah and Charise (Pastor William's daughter) talked and prayed with the lady inside I was dragged away by the tiny hands of a little boy. I kept trying to tell him to wait but he insisted and I can not resist little, dirty, half naked, 2 year old boys who want to play. I was immediately surrounded by several little ones and found out very quickly that the only thing they all wanted was to be held. I would pick up one then another would grab at my shorts for their turn, and believe me it was a challenge to rotate kids from the ground to my arms as well as hold my pants up from being pulled down by the ones who I was not currently holding. I would now like to take a moment to give props to all mothers who have had a kid (or multiple kids) less then 5 years apart from their first. -M

No where to go, no husband, 9 daughters and countless grandchildren later. This woman had nothing to support her or her children. She had lived in this dark place for 20 years, she has no where to go when storms hit and her home floods. Her grandchildren have been abandoned by their parents and now live with her. She tries to support over 17 children with nothing to give. The youngest was 1 years old, she probably weighed around 10 pounds and was completely listless. She lay quietly and limp wherever she was, whether the arms of a stranger or the concrete of the floor. Her grandmother said she only cried or moved when she was hungry; yet there was nothing to feed her. They gave her the water off of the rice that they make because they have no milk or formula and her mother left. This family lives in desperate conditions, yet having Michael wrap his arms around them and hold them brought smiles to their face. She was so thankful for the groceries we brought them, and it was nothing. 4 packages of Top Ramen, 4 cans or sardines, a small bag of crackers and a serving of coffee. Little blessings, yet a HUGE blessing in return.

Pray for them. Pray for every family like them
Pray for us, that we see the opportunities to show them God's love and we take them.

Inside of their home (Trying to light a lamp) 

Some of the family


Friday, October 24, 2014

We're here!!


Our send off was great.

 Our traveling was tiring, yet exciting.

In Taipei our gate was hello kitty! The pink gave you a headache after a while..

Being here is INCREDIBLE.Being here is humbling. I have missed so many aspects of the simple life that we are beginning to live. Michael was telling someone that the rich life we are currently living in this country is poorer than the poor that live in America. The thought made me chuckle. We may have very meager possessions at the moment (and eating rice for every single meal since we have been here simply because it is cheap) but I feel SO incredibly rich and blessed! Especially being able to share EVERYTHING and share in the same emotions and spiritual encouragement with my best friend.

My beautiful kitchen!! :)

My pantry!!! I absolutely love it :) Although  could use a little bit more room.

Pray for us! Prayers are always a huge blessing.


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Michael and Sarah Jones

    Friday, October 17, 2014


    Newsflash! Michael and Sarah Jones are leaving for Navotas, Philippines in two days!

    From Michael:
    The last few weeks have been a blur of packing, cleaning, sorting, unpacking, decisions about money, decisions about timing, decisions about what to bring and what not to bring, decisions, decisions, decisions. We have sorted through everything we own picked a spot for everything, Throw away/donate, pack away for when/if we come back, and take with us to the Philippines. And believe me it’s super hard to decide knowing that I only have two suitcases (and a carry on) to fit my upcoming life into. Two questions have been very prominent in our house the last few weeks 1. Do you really need that? And 2. Are you having a missionary mindset? Both these questions have mainly come from Sarah and directed at me, she does a much better job of giving stuff up than I do. Example:
    Michael: But babe! I really don’t think I can live without that!
    Sarah: Michael, the kids living on the street don’t care about or watch football. So it’s really ok to leave your Tony Romo jersey here.
    So as hard and sad as it is to leave my precious Dallas Cowboys gear in a box back in America, I am putting God first and thinking more about what will help me reach these faces,

    not this face.

    Jesus tells a man in Luke 18 that he needs to give everything he owns to the poor and follow Him, and that man was considered wealthy (he had a lot more than I do). So if Jesus calls a wealthy man like him to give away what he has, I can give up the small things that I have. God continues to mold and shape my heart and actions to be more like Him! As we move forward in this amazing adventure in sharing the love of Christ, we will continue to share with you all what God is doing in our lives and the lives of the people around us.
    No problems with our travels. 
    That we will learn the language and culture quickly. 
    That the people of the Philippines will see the love of God shining in us the moment we get off the plane, and that it will never stop shining through us.


    Michael and Sarah Jones

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    Note. Unfortunately right now your gifts can not be Tax Deductible. We are working on ways to make that possible and will let everyone know when that option is available.