Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Updates, info, and ways you can help!

April 28, 2015


I don't even know where to begin with our crazy lives! We are back in America, settling in to a lovely home that God has blessed us with.

I am growing fatter and fatter with baby Jones, (I thought babies were tiny -.-) and he is supposedly going to join us in about 12 weeks. WHAT!? He is SO active, I am convinced he thinks he is going to muscle his way out before then-perhaps through my belly button is his thought?

I am enjoying the small things that I have missed, such as my hubby bringing me flowers more often than not. Heart-heart moment!

We are also having oopsie moments as we re-adjust to American culture and the things we are used too. Apparently America requires you to wear seat belts at all times? Who knew?

Now that I have more energy I have been attempting to resume much of my past homemaking activities. Such as cutting my hubbies hair... Lets just say that ended with him being not so thrilled. And a visit to the hair salon commenced... My excuse was that I was pregnant and hadn't done his hair in a while. To bad I only have 3 more months of using the "I'm pregnant" excuse. I don't know what I will do after that ends.

Michael has been working on getting the organization World Family Missions up off the ground. It is SO exciting to see! Hopefully you all share in our excitement. Speaking of which, you all know that we are trying to aid our Filipino friends in building a church so that they can worship off of the streets. Guess what!? (Can you tell I am excited yet?) We have been blessed with a sponsor that has pledged to match dollar for dollar up to $1,000 for this cause. Only problem? If we don't raise $1,000, we don't get it. So PLEASE help us! Here are a few links to where you can donate if God places that on your heart.

Refresher on what Paradise Village is and why this is such an important goal to us. Remember the women I posted about a few months ago and her family? This is where she is from. A family that supports themselves by making laundry clips. They get 3 pesos per kilo of clips. THREE. And for an entire sack of clips they get 60 pesos-and I am not talking tiny little sack. You know the big potato sacks that we race in? For ONE of those, full to the brim, they receive 60 pesos. That is slightly over 1 dollar in American money. (You can read more about her story here: Life for some.)  This church is for her family. This church is going to make it so for that hour or two of rest from working so hard for her family, rather than sitting under the hot sun on a very narrow street, she gets to worship and rest in a church building alongside her friends and family. This simple building is SO important. Even if you can only spare 5 dollars, your Starbucks or Dutchbros for the day, that's almost 5 days worth of work for this family. It will help us reach this goal. It will help us provide this building-which is also a symbol of hope. If we don't reach that $1,000 goal, we don't get matched. Like I said, 5 bucks goes a LONG way and is SUCH a wonderful blessing. You can also contact Michael or I by email or phone to see how you can be involved.

Email: mjworldfamilymissions@gmail.com
Phone (text or call): (208)297-0461

Email: sehodgie@gmail.com
Phone (text or call): (208)841-9557

Here's a video of one of our outreaches to Paradise!

Baby Jones- 12 weeks away, say what!?

Help us impact lives! 

(I still say his haircut looks fine ;) )

Gorgeous flowers from a handsome hubby 

 Please continue you to pray with us. Pray for our family in Christ over in the Philippines. Pray for us as baby Jones makes his/her way in to this world. Pray that Michael and I stay focused in honoring Christ in EVERYTHING that we do. Pray that our hearts and attitudes stay mold-able and ready for whatever direction God sends us in. Likewise, how can we pray for you? How can Michael and I bless you during our time here and how can we pray for you and your families?