Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tré Davidson


We are just 20 days away from leaving for the Philippines!! Several of us have not been fully funded yet so please pray that the funding comes in as our departure date gets closer! If God puts it on your heart, you can donate at!give/cilx or write a check addressed to World Family Missions with the name of the person its intended for on a post it note. With that being said, I would love to introduce one of our youngest members, Tré!

I want to go to the Philippine's because it is a combination of the two things I have always wanted to do; leave the country and build a building. I want to build a church because I go to church and enjoy making friends and learning about God. Jesus is awesome because he was part of God and came down and healed people. I believe in God because it is an extremely good explanation for the beginning of time and our universe, that has such cool nicknames like "Milky Way." I feel very happy that I have a home in the universe on a planet that has so many things to learn about! I like learning about the stars and other suns that might have a solar system of their own and might not be just lonely fireballs. I thank God for all of it and, because I enjoy church so much, I want other people to have a church to go to too!