Sunday, January 10, 2016

Little Princess


Princess is a sweet little girl that lives on the street. She turned one year old January 6th of this year. She is one of 5 children under the age of six. Her daddy is a scavenger and does what he can to provide. For 7 months out of her short, year-long life, she has used water as a substitute for formula.

Princess lives OUTSIDE with her family. She does NOT live in a home. She has a serious infection on her head that needs taken care of.

Her family makes roughly $10.00 a week. Here in the Philippines, it is average to spend $3.00 on a kilo of meat. That is $21.00 a week on meat, for one meal. Not including rice, vegetables, water, or; in Princess's case, it’s not enough to get her formula.

I want to put this in prospective; my daughter is 5 months and weighs around 11 pounds. She is tiny for her age. Princess is a year old and weighs roughly 10 or 11 pounds. It is said that the average SMALL 1 year old weighs 21 pounds, if your baby is on the bigger size, they will weigh more.

It would cost an American $1.27 to get her to a hospital to have her head taken care of. Yea, your read that right. $1.27.  

To get her the medicine for her head and whatever other meds she needs it would cost roughly $21.00 AT THE MOST.

World Family Missions has started a program to take care of these babies and not only get them formula, but seek medical help. Many of our babies are dealing with parasites and serious injuries such as Princess's head. We NEED your help. Without your prayers and sponsorship, we can’t get these babies the care that they need. We are asking that you prayerfully consider sponsoring some of the needs on our list and continue to check back for updates on our babies and shower us in prayer!

We also ask that you like and share this blog so that we can spread the word about these babies and comment so that we know you are praying! It is very uplifting to us to read your encouragement!

Quantity needed Item Cost of item
Continual need  Diapers for baby's stay with us $5.95
Continual need  Baby wipes for baby's stay with us $2.12
Continual need  Disinfectant spray  $5.10
Continual need  Hand sanitizer  $1.31
Continual need  Body wash  $0.76
Continual need  Shampoo  $6.29
Continual need  Laundry soap  $1.72
Continual need  Dish soap  $3.19
DAILY need  Ice  $0.21
MONTHLY need Facility MONTHLY  $148.93
MONTHLY need Utility bill  $26.00
MONTHLY need Water bill  $20.00
Continual need  Salary for local workers  Based on hours worked 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A day to rejoice in


4 years ago, Pastor William began reaching out to Paradise. He walked in and began knocking on doors, asking people to join him in bible study. People said yes, and the studies began to grow. It went from one bible study group meeting in the streets, to four groups. They met in the sweltering heat of summer and the cool air of typhoon season. They tirelessly met for 4 years, praying that someday they would have a building. A building to meet together; for the first time. A building where they could worship, grow spiritually and encourage each other. A building to take refuge in from the scorching heat and the noise of life in the Philippines.

A lot of hard work, dedication, perseverance and sweat went into this. LOTS of sweat.

4 years of dedicated people, desiring to bring the Word of God to this place. This slum.

Hours of singing with children and ministering to adults.

Time spent growing relationships and deepening friendships.

And then we came along. God showed us a need, and asked us to fill it. We were given the privilege of taking part in this process. We returned to the states and showed you this need and YOU gave what you could to give this body of believers a church! The process of building began, and the dedication and sweat continued. Pastor began going to Paradise FIVE times a week, 8 hours a day, to make sure this church got built.

This Church has changed Paradise. We learned, as the church was built, that Paradise is considered one of the most dangerous places of our area. The people that live in front of Paradise, refuse to step foot in the area in which our church is built. Why? They are scared. It is too dangerous. And yet we have been received with open arms, full hearts, and wide smiles. Pastor was asked to dedicate babies and officiate weddings before the church was even built.

And so, on this wonderful day, this first Sunday of 2016, the body of Paradise got to worship-not as four separate groups; but as 1 complete body of Christ.

I wish you could have been there! I wish you had been worshiping with us. I am so excited to share this day with you in the way that I can!

And so we loaded up chairs.

We loaded up people. 

We unloaded chairs.

We unloaded people. 

We carried them to our church. 

We unlocked the gate and began to set up. 

We cleaned, and the children began to flood in. 

We were joined by the respected elderly, and the precious newborn baby. 

We sang and worshiped.

We prayed.

Michael preached and Pastor translated. 

And for us, it was a day of rejoicing.