Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Newest additions

A number of you have already heard of our "Formula for the Philippines" program and the work we've started with little Princess. Some of you have also contributed to the effort; and for that we are so grateful! That being said, we have welcomed 4 new babies into our program (praise God!), and are currently looking for sponsors. We need your help to sponsor these children so that we can continue providing them with food, medical care, and spiritual support. We thought you'd like to hear more about the program and the new babies who are a part of it.

How our "Formula for the Philippines" program works:

Each child is specifically chosen for the program. They are from the poorest families in our area. The child's age and overall heath determines which of the program's three phases they are placed in:
  • Age 0-1 receives strictly formula; (formula is necessary due to the low rate of breastfeeding in the Philippines - some health practitioners even discourage mothers from breastfeeding saying that it is likely they won't be able to do it. We provide mothers with breastfeeding education and support so that they will be better able to provide wholesome nutrition to future children.)
  • Age 1-2 receives a mixture of formula and coconut milk; (to assist in fighting parasites and in overall health)
  • Age 2 years and up receives a weekly food box.

Details of sponsorship:

    We have divided the cost of providing food and services into sponsorship "units", as follows:
    • One time medical sponsorship: Most children considered for our program come to us with serious medical needs. After we sign them up, children may spend up to two weeks with us (and several other care providers) receiving treatment for things like parasite infestations, lice, or injuries. They are given 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, clothes, diapers and anything else they need. For this stay they need a one time sponsorship of $40 USD

    • Age 0-1: Due to the cost of formula, each child in this group requires three sponsors - each making a pledge of $40 USD/month.
    • 1-2 years old: Because all of our children struggle with parasites, when they turn one year old we begin to add coconut milk into their diet. Coconut milk is a natural parasite killer that we have seen work firsthand. For this age group, we are asking for two sponsors per child to pledge $40 USD/month.
    • 2 years and above: At this age, we begin to officially wean them off of milk. Children 2 and up receive a food box once each week that includes 4 kilos of rice, 6 eggs, 2 cans of sardines, 2 cans of meatloaf, 2 cans of corned beef, 2 packets of noodles, 2 packets of powdered milk, and almost half a kilo of fresh chicken for the day. One person pledging $40 USD/month can provide for a child in this phase of the program.
      It is also our goal to educate mothers about how to breastfeed and care for their children so that we never have a return "client". When a baby graduates from this program, the mother should have a sufficient knowledge of hygiene and other information to keep her child/children safe from illness and disease.

      Getting involved:

      If you want to sponsor a child, we would love for you to feel personally involved! To sponsor a specific child, please contact Sarah with the child's name AND your address, so that we can send you a letter or a picture every once in a while! You can contact us at: contact@worldfamilymissions.com

      Babies that still NEED sponsors: 

      (Our babies cannot continue in our program unless they are sponsored, so PLEASE carefully consider helping one of these children.)

      JO: Sponsors needed: FULLY SPONSORED!
      Jo is 18 months old and is the baby that inspired this program to begin with. When we met him over a year ago he was drinking a bottle full of sugar and water because his mama could not afford milk. Last week he became an older brother to a tiny baby girl. We are excited to announce that mama and baby are breastfeeding well and will NOT need our program for this newest addition! Because Jo is no longer in need of milk, he needs a monthly sponsor to provide him with a weekly food bucket. He also needs a one time sponsor of $40.00 to cover his stay at the baby house where he is receiving medical help and a steady diet as he recovers from an illness, boils and parasites. Please consider sponsoring Jo! He would love to color you a picture!

      To inquire more about Jo's full story, feel free to email Sarah at contact@worldfamilymissions.com

      NATALIE: Sponsors needed: FULLY SPONSORED!

      Natalie is the sister of one of our other current baby house babies; both sisters came into our care because mom was struggling to provide for them. Natalie age 3, her 5 year old sister, and their baby sister (pictured below) are being raised by a single mom. Normally, while their mom works all day, Natalie and her baby sister are watched over by the 5 year old. Because of these special circumstances Natalie's older sister is also staying at the baby house to be cared for; although she is not part of our program due to age. Natalie needs a 1 time sponsor for her medical needs and stay at the baby house and a monthly sponsor to cover her weekly food bucket

      To inquire more about Natalie's full story, feel free to email Sarah at contact@worldfamilymissions.com  


      ABIGAIL: Sponsors needed: FULLY SPONSORED!

      Abigail is the youngest of 3 sisters. They are raised by their single mom. Abigail's mom is trying her hardest to provide financially but is having a hard time doing so. Abigail is a sweet, smiley little thing-as are her two sisters. Please consider sponsoring Abigail so that she can remain in our program! Abigail needs a 1 time sponsor of $40 to cover her stay at the baby house and a monthly sponsor to cover her weekly food buckets. All three sisters are suspected to have some form of epilepsy and will be seeking medical advice as soon as they are sponsored.

      To inquire more about Abigail's full story, feel free to email Sarah at contact@worldfamilymissions.com  


      ANNA: Special need:  FULLY SPONSORED!

      Miss Anna was born May 28th 2016 healthy and safe! World Family Missions was able to cover the cost in the moment but we are now needing a sponsor to cover the cost of her birth and supplies as we have more births coming up. Anna and her mother stayed for 3 days at the baby house to recover and establish a good, healthy breastfeeding relationship. Anna was able to latch on correctly and they will not be needing our assistance for nourishment. PRAISE GOD! Anna is the youngest sibling of Jo who is currently in our program. The complete cost for Anna's birth, supplies, meals and newborn screening was $100.00 USD. Please consider a one time gift to cover Anna's birth!

      *names are now being changed to protect the privacy of our families*

      Saturday, May 28, 2016


      I have literally sat down to write a blog post at least 6 times in the past few weeks. I am usually half way to completing it before something calls my attention. A pile of wet laundry to hang, a baby to feed, a mama in labor, a meal needs cooked, errands need run,-you get the gist. So, rather than attempt something lengthy and great, I am going to go with short and sweet.


      Eden is doing well. She is finally parasite free and has tested clean the last few weeks. (PRAISE GOD) She has learned to clap, scrunch her nose and sniff really hard, and knock or pull down anything that is hard to clean up. (aka water and trash) She is figuring out how to stand on her own and we are having a super hard time keeping up with her lightening fast hands! We've also discovered that she ADORES being in water. In the last few month she's spent many days swimming in the ocean and in pools for baptisms and fellowship time. Talk about a little fish! She already holds her breath and kicks!


      Tuckered out after swimming


      Sarah is doing excellent as well. She is incredibly busy with attempting to keep up with the house work, Eden and the baby house activities. This Monday, May 30th, the baby house staff is welcoming 7 new families in to the program so she will be busy with doctors visits, finding sponsors and working through details of the program. She typically has a flurry of injuries, births/prenatal check ups and small errands to attend to.

      Tending to boils

      Precious little Jhay Anne

      Proud birthing team!


      Michael is busy with keeping things running while Sarah is busy and filling in when he needs too. He's on baby duty when both Ate Anna and Sarah are busy and need someone to look after the kids. This Sunday he is going to explain the gospel to all of our program families as we lead a short worship service in our baby house. He continues to work with FCAC and the youth at the church. He is Sarah's hero as he is on constant roach and worm killing duty. (Praise the Lord for husbands) Hopefully soon he and Jaden will tile the bathroom at the paradise church as one of their short term projects. 

      On our way to baptisms! (Jaden's sleeping-Sorry Jaden!)

      Daddy's best friend


      I'm not sure how many of you know about Jaden; but he is our latest addition to the family for a few months. Jaden came over with a short term team and is staying with us until August. Like Michael, Jaden is keeping busy by filling in when he needs too. He works alongside the FCAC youth and fills in when we need help at the baby house. (He's probably experienced more babies than he had planned too since moving out here) 

      Baby time!

      Puerto Galera

      Thank you ALL for your prayers and continued encouragement. Like I had mentioned before; we are adding new babies to our program. We will be looking for sponsors for our babies so please keep that in your prayers as this next week brings a week of craziness!!