Tuesday, March 11, 2014



We were walking past a church, a gorgeous catholic church.  It was an old crumbling building filled with hundreds of pristine pews, incense gently wafted through the air and breathtaking stained glass windows lined the walls. It was well kept and evidently quite a bit of money had been spent to keep it in such immaculate condition.

But walking on the outside you would have never known. Homeless people lined the sidewalks, kittens lay dead in rubble right outside. Nude babies slept on cardboard between the legs of their hungry parents. Barefoot 7 year old's held babies on their hips as they begged for money or food. It certainly paled in comparison to the scene inside of the walls not 3 inches away.

Action needed  to be taken; so off to McDonald's we went.  We bought food and headed off back to the streets.  We first searched out the children and began feeding them.  We found a group of about 5 children, and the eldest eagerly took the food from us. She immediately sat down and gave the 2 naked babies food first; she than began to feed herself and the other two.  The gratification on her face was priceless.  They were so hungry, yet so thankful for what little we gave them.

Next we began handing out food to several adults sitting outside of the door.  What happened next will stick in my mind forever.  This man blessed me more than I ever could have blessed him.

He sat there legless, his skin darkly tanned and leathery; his chin tucked in to his chest as he slept. He had hardly any clothes on and he sat on a piece of cardboard.  I crouched down next to him and whispered, "Kuya.."(A term of respect meaning brother) His eyes opened as he looked up at me. I handed him a small McDonald's box that had about a half cup of rice and a piece of chicken and he clutched it to his chest. His eyes met ours; an unbelieving look on his face.  The food slowly settled on his his lap and tears started forming. His lips parted in a very unattractively toothless-but very BEAUTIFUL smile.  In that second he was completely transformed.  He reminded me of a child. His eyes raised heavenward, and he pointed up then began dancing where he sat. He was like a child at Christmas time. He was SO thrilled to have this bit of hot food. Oh yes, he had no leg, no clothes, he was old and wrinkly, life had evidently been hard; no physical beauty but the child like beauty that he had in that moment far surpassed anything.  As we walked away I continually turned around to watch his face, that wonderful smile never once left his face. His head was bowed as he cradled the food in his hands and I was SO blessed to be able to witness that moment of the beauty of Christ.  I must confess; whenever I think of this story or explain it to someone I can not help but grinning.

Image I got from the internet of the church in Chinatown.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Human trafficking

February 28, 2014

She was tiny, no taller than 4'7.  She had big brown eyes and short curly hair, she was never loved, never wanted, and never cared for.  I mean, who would want her?  She was naughty, troublesome, another mouth to feed, and really just a pain.  At the age of 13 she was married off to a man many years older than she.  She suffered in his home; continually beaten and broken.  Her mind began to shut down.  For 13 years her life had been about rejection, she didn't even know what love was.  After 2 months of this torture she decided to run away.  She returned to her home only to be locked out.  Tears stung her eyes as her family turned their backs on her.  Again.  They hid in rooms and closets from her; keeping silent as she cried for help.  She soon took up residence in a nearby graveyard.  While there she was raped by 2 men.  She was broken, what was left for her?  A family that didn't love her, a husband that beat her and now even strangers took what they could from her.  She was tired, broken, hurt, and had nothing to live for.  She began to wander the streets and sell her body.  Her new goal in life was to survive; to fill her empty stomach and find a place to lay her head.  Thirteen years old and the most spoken name on the wharf.  ALL of the men wanted her; the men vied for the first chance to use her.  They took her in to a dark alley or a cheap hotel room; used her, degraded her small beautiful body, stripped her of her worth then left with out paying a single cent.  Some nights she still went to bed hungry.  She lived in constant fear of the pimps over her.  If she didn't perform right what would happen to her?

This story is true.  I don't know how she felt, or what she lived like day to day; I do know that the major facts in the story are real.  She really is that tiny, this story truly did happen.  She is no longer right in the head, she is very mentally impaired.  But she has a beautiful smile.  A few weeks ago she came asking for help and now is attempting to live away from that life style.  Shes hurting and broken, you can see it in her eyes.  But I have had the privilege to love on her and spend time with her.

Do you realize how many girls have stories similar to this? Girls much younger then this; 10, 11, 12 years old.  This story is not uncommon, in fact on the streets it is very common.  We can do something about it though.  And if you can't physically do something, I encourage you to pray for these girls.  They need it.