Tuesday, March 8, 2016



She goes to bed hungry every night. Her stomach aches as she tries to close her eyes to sleep. Two years old, and she's alone. She doesn't know where her mama or papa is, and really, her mind is on the hunger that is consuming her. She's dirty and hasn't taken a bath in days. There is no clean water-not even to drink. 

This is the story of Audris.

She and her siblings go out begging everyday. In the evenings, they return the money to their parents, who are drug addicts, and then go to bed hungry.

Audris' home (Audris is laying down)
The 1/2 mile walk is long and hot. Her little legs burn as they pump twice as fast in order to keep up with her ate. (ate-a respectful term for an older sister.) Audris' sole playmate and babysitter is her 5 year old sister. The roads that they walk are dangerous and busy.

Audris first came to our program because she was sick. Her parents were worried. Nearly 5 times a day she was discharging fresh blood. They were worried she would not live. We treated her for parasites, amoeba and for a UTI. After 2 weeks in our care she discharged over 20 large worms and then was kept in our care for another week as she was treated and healing from an amoeba infection. 

The first time we met Audris

The day that Audris was first introduced to our program. 

Here's the good news: Since joining our program, we have been able to sit down with Audris' mom and teach her how to protect herself and her daughters from UTI's. We've also been able to educate her on ways to protect themselves from parasites and what a healthy diet is for someone as young as Audris. One of the exciting parts is now that Audris is sponsored, She and her family  are able to receive a food bucket each week!

And for 3 weeks now, Audris' family has attended church. We are excited to see the seeds planted and watch them grow. Please pray for Audris as we witness to her family, share about their worth in God's eyes, and help them learn how to better care for themselves and their children.

Examining her new dress. Everyone loves Elsa right!?

This is why we need you. Without prayers, involvement, and financial help, Audris would still be severely sick and malnourished, and we wouldn't have nearly the same opportunity to minister regularly to her family. Thank you so much for helping your "neighbors" halfway around the world! (Luke 10: 30-37)

*names are now being changed to protect the privacy of our families*

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