Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My daddy


I sat there looking at pictures today of the past 14 years.  From the time my dad became my dad, up until now.
I have never thanked him the way I should have.  Ever.  SHAME ON ME.
He took me in and treated me as his own.  He didn't have too, but he did.  He became my daddy, my role model, my night in shining armor, and my protector.  Yes, we have our rough days, our disagreements and fights, and we both happen to be stubborn and tend to butt heads.  But in the end he's still my daddy.
I  NEVER realized how much he did.  I always looked at what he didn't do, where he fell short, and when he wasn't there for me.
When I was there (in Idaho with him) I didn't take into account the times he carried us on his shoulders.

The days that he held us and cared for us while we were sick. 

The fact that he took time out of his day to teach me to shoot a gun.

The time he spent cooking with us when cooking is supposed to be mom's forte.

All of the road trips,


playing in the snow,


and hiking.

He's always playing with us, 



and always has time to read with us. 

He is CONSTANTLY teasing us and joking around.

My dad has always jumped in when I am stressed; he's spent hours pinning quilts with me way past bed time even though he had to work the next day.  He jumps in when I am in tears because a cake is falling apart.  He comes to my rescue when he see's how overwhelmed I am with cooking. 

He's dyed my hair for me,

and ridden horses with me despite the pain, simply because he knows how much I love it.

He's let us do crazy things to him, and is willing to try new things he knows we will love.

He's taught me how to drive and change tires, 

he's taught us to mow, 

and drive ATV's and dirt bikes.

He's fed us, 

 coached us,

 loved us,

he's adopted numerous other kids into our family and loved them as his own. 

He's cried when we cried, and laughed when we laughed; he's rejoiced in our accomplishments and encouraged us when we were down.

He's done so MANY more things that I can't even began to list.  He's danced in the rain with me and taught me to play ball and to work hard, to serve others with a willing attitude and live out my faith.  He's showed me how to love others and how to remedy past mistakes.  He has always stood behind us and supported us.  He is one INCREDIBLE father and and amazing man of God.  If I get married someday, I sure hope my husband is even half of what my dad was and is to me and my siblings.

I love you daddy! Thank you so much for inspiring me and those around you. 

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