Friday, November 3, 2017

October 2017


Our recent trip (October 2017) was such a sweet time in the Philippines. God’s mercies were evident from the very first moments of our trip. A United agent helped us by allowing Poppa John to have lots of leg space, and arranging for Michael, Eden, and I all to sit together next to a bassinet seat for Zi. She upgraded us for every single flight there and back.  It was such a tremendous blessing- we were so thankful.

Once we made it to the Philippines, we made our way to two different islands. Michael, Eden, Poppa John, and Ben went to our Baby House in Manila and Tita Anna, Zi and I flew to General Santos early the morning after we arrived. Early is an understatement! We arrived at our hotel at about 11:00 pm, ate a super late dinner, repacked, took a bath, and slept for a whole hour and a half. We needed to be at the airport by 2:00 am for a flight at 4:00 am.

Zi got to meet his Tita for the first time! 

Poppa John, Ben, and Zizi.

Zi and I were blessed to be greeted by an incredibly sweet and Godly family. I was blown away by the way they exemplified Christ in their relationships and hospitality. The intention for my trip to Gen San was to find a location for our orphanage. We found several ideal locations, and now we are covering the entire situation in prayer. Our heart is to have a safe place for kids to meet Christ and be loved on. We want to raise these kiddos to be contributing, God-honoring adults; it starts with this dream that God placed on many of our hearts! Our desire is eventually to be able to bring American teams every few months to interact with the kids, serve in a foreign country, and to encounter Jesus in a way they haven't experienced before. Overall, we have big dreams for this and are praying the God brings it to fruition! Will you cover this in prayer with us?  

Flight from Gen San.

The sweet family that blessed us with their hospitality. 

Later, after we arrived in Manila, we had a meeting with the Philippine government regarding the orphanage. Once again, we saw God clearly moving in the situation. They were able to sit us down and very clearly lay out all of the requirements and answer the questions we had. Then the following afternoon, we got to gather with our baby house families! We had a bible study, distributed food and gifts, and enjoyed each other’s company. One of the sponsors gifted two of our families with a meal at a restaurant. Many of our families have never experienced that, so it was super exciting. 

Being tickled by Kuya Michael!

Our very first baby to join the program is now healthy and walking after over a year of proper nutrition! 

Poppa John and Kuya Ben spending time with some of the little ones they sponsor.

Party at Inasal! ;) 

On Sunday, we were able attend church with our program families and a number of old friends that we miss. After church, we drove to the beach to spend a few days in fellowship, encouraging each other before we were countries apart again. We were able to take a few of them snorkeling and boating for the first time. It was definitely a time to enjoy each other’s company and is sweet to remember.

Swimming with her Tita and Ates.

Beautiful, beautiful Philippines!
We returned to the Baby House the morning before we flew back to the States. We packed, enjoyed our last little bit of time, and after lots of tears, took off for the airport. We had a smooth but LONG flight home. We are already missing our family in the Philippines and are hoping to see them again soon. We are so thankful for everyone that let us know they are praying or supported us financially. I don't think words will ever express how thankful we are.