Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Update from Colorado!

January 4, 2017

It's been such a long time since I have had the time or ability to update! So here it goes!

3 months ago we bought a house! It's been super exciting to be in a place that is our own space. Watching how Eden's personality has flourished has been sweet. Since having our "own" space and having things such as a place for her to go to sleep in every night has really enabled her little personality to explode. She's become super silly and daring; which is definitely not always a good thing! She is constantly dancing around the house and teasing her daddy and I.

Come Sunday we will be 29 weeks pregnant. I can't believe how fast it is going by. Baby #2 is expected in late March or early April, and no, we do not know whether it's a boy or a girl! Michael is desperately hoping for a boy where as Eden (I'm sure she's on my side ;) ) and I vote for a girl! 

While we are currently living in Colorado, we are still heavily involved in mission work. In December Eden and I traveled back to the Philippines. We spent 3 days in Boise and then flew to the Philippines and spent a week on the ground. While there, we conducted 4 different Christmas parties for severely impoverished kids and I was able to catch up with some stuff on the Formula for the Philippines program. Formula for the Philippines is doing well, though we still have two children that are not sponsored. The unfortunate issue with that is we have a waiting list of SEVERELY malnourished babies that we have been unable to help due to finances. So please be praying for them and their families! 

It was such a blessing to be able to spend time with our Formula for the Philippines families and to see how excited the kids were for their parties. I know many of your donated to this specific trip, and I hope you understand how impactful your prayers and financial gifts were. These kids would not have had a Christmas without you, and we were also able to share about who Christ was in those parties! Overall, the whole trip was a huge blessing to others and a huge blessing to us!

It was so exciting for Eden to be back "home" in the Philippines. She had missed her Tita and Ate's SO much. She spent the entire week being spoiled and hardly ever leaving her Tita's arms. It was hard for both Eden and her Tita and Ates when we had to leave. They always look forward to video calling each other and we are definitely looking forward to our next trip.

Alright, to switch gears now: Our ministry in Colorado Springs had steadily progressed, we are super excited to be involved here. Michael is super busy with the Children's center and our ministry with the youth. In a week we have our first winter camp with the youth group and we are really looking forward it! We will be bringing our whole youth group up to the mountains and spending the weekend learning more about God and enjoying each others fellowship. 

So! All of that to say that we are busy, doing well, and so excited and blessed to continue to watch God move in our lives, our family, and the ministries that he has given us. 

Thank you all for your prayers!