Tuesday, July 26, 2016



Many of you have been on this journey with me since I was little. You heard 9 year old me talk about my big dreams to become a missionary. Not just a missionary anywhere, but a missionary to the Philippines. Many of you supported my dreams as 12 year old me sold cakes in order to earn the money to get here. You listened to me relentlessly talk about how I was going to make it to the Philippines and work with children on the streets. You probably laughed as I spent my summers taking lessons in Tagalog (Filipino language) and learned how to cook Filipino style. And then the day came. I graduated, turned 18, and a few days later I moved to the Philippines.
My first trip to the Philippines!

You prayed with me, watched me learn and grow, and you watched me achieve my dream. 3 years later, I'm still here-now with my husband and baby girl and God is still growing my dream to reach the Philippines.

This year we started a feeding program. We went from helping a family of 8 on the streets to reaching out and doing Bible studies with over 52 people weekly. God, unyielding in His will for my life, has placed a urgency in me to continue this work He has set before me. He has continued to bring families to us, He has continued to open the doors to reach out to them, and He has continued to supply the resources even when we were uncertain.
 One of our babies delivered while in the program.

One of our baby house kids.

He has used these three years and this program to train me, and to grow an ever changing passion for the Philippines in me.

With that being said, I can't wait to share with you our latest God-led adventure. At first it may contradict a lot of what I just said, but stick with me!

We're moving to Colorado! Over a year ago we got to lead a team of youth to Colorado with the purpose of working with inner city youth. In June we had the privilege of going for a second time, this time with Eden! We got to work alongside Springs of Life Church and take part in their ministry. Michael was offered a position to work mainly in their school-age ministry; along with worship ministry, youth ministry, and whatever else God works out. We accepted and are looking forward to this new chapter.
Our last team in Colorado up at camp. 

God, in His graciousness, managed to knit together two people's passions into one, crazy, adventurous life. He's taking Michael's talents and dreams and allowing him to work in an environment that will push him, train him, and fulfill his aspirations of ministering to families in the US. He's using me to continue the work He trained me for as a child, and he's using both of us to complement each other in both mission fields; the US and the Philippines. Yes! We are moving to Colorado. And, yes! We are continuing our work in the Philippines! We will continue to partner with WFM and I (Sarah) will specifically be traveling back and fourth a few times a year to continue growing the feeding program. We have a full time Filipina director that will be continuing the daily work here in the Philippines and Michael will get to join in on some of the trips once or twice a year. God has so meticulously began putting all of the details in place. Each step we have taken, He has opened another door. When we began praying about the ministry here, He put in place women to take over, whose hearts are so clearly evident for the Lord and for these babies. He pressed on our heart that this time in the Philippines was coming to a close and he began preparing us and those around us. Please rejoice and pray for us as we prepare to step into this next phase of life. Thank you for all of your support and your prayers for us throughout this exciting journey! 


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Short video


Hey guys! We wanted to share with you the living conditions of our families and some of the struggles they face on a daily basis. 

According to UNICEF, there are over 250,000 street children in the Philippines. 

An estimation of 12.8 million children under the age of 15 live under the poverty line. 

PSA reports that 1 out of every 10 Filipino children do not attend school.

We desperately want to help these families. To ease the load so that their children can attend school and someday get a job. To educate and guide them on basic hygiene to prevent disease and death. To minister to the families and introduce them to Jesus. We NEED your help.

We would love for you to watch this short video in order for you to see where and how our families live. Maybe God will place the same urgency on your heart as He has placed on ours. Our hearts ache for these little ones.

Currently, we have 3 little ones needing us to step in! We also have a waiting list of kids begging to become part of our program. Unfortunately we can't assist until this last group of kids has sponsors. We simply do not have the resources. 

A monthly commitment, a one time gift, simply letting us know you are praying. These things are always a huge encouragement and blessing. We KNOW God has sponsor families for these babies.

To meet kids needing sponsors: http://www.worldfamilymissions.com/

To read about our program: http://www.worldfamilymissions.com/

To contact us: Email Sarah Jones at conatct@worldfamilymissions.com

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Meet our newest little ones!

A number of you have already heard of our "Formula for the Philippines" program and the work we've started with little Princess. Some of you have also contributed to the effort and for that we are so grateful! There is such great need here, though, that we recently welcomed six more children into the program. We will need your help to sponsor these children so that we can continue providing them with food, medical care, and spiritual support. Here are the latest children we've welcomed into our program. More specific details about sponsorship follow at the end of the post.

Babies that still NEED sponsors: 

(Our babies cannot continue in our program unless they are sponsored, so PLEASE carefully consider helping one of these children.)

LAILANI: Sponsors needed: 1 monthly sponsor

Lailani is 3 years old and incredibly smart. She lives with her mommy, daddy and baby sister. Lailani's mother works hard in order to provide for them and pay for her own tuition fees; she hopes that by getting an education she will qualify for a better job.

This family lives near the river in a small home. The houses in this area are continually flooded; conditions that contribute to various medical conditions. Lailani is currently dealing with parasites and a UTI and so she needs a one time sponsor of $40.00 to provide for medical services. She also needs a monthly sponsor so that she can have a steady and nutritious diet. Lailani is so bright and sweet - she can not wait to write her sponsor a letter! 

RAYNE: Sponsors needed: 2 monthly sponsors 

Rayne is Lailani's baby sister (pictured above) Rayne is fully on formula and needs someone to provide that for her. With mom and dad working so hard both o provide for the entire family and to pay tuition fees, there is very little left over to meet every basic need. Rayne has had water and coffee substituted for milk when her parent's couldn't afford formula.

Rayne needs 3 monthly sponsors (at $40 each) to cover the cost of her formula. OR 1 sponsor willing to commit to $120 a month. She also needs a one time donation of $40 to cover her stay and medical care while she is living at our baby house. Rayne is very sweet and very cuddly. She would be happy for someone hold her 24 hours a day and rock her to sleep every night. If God put Rayne on your heart, please contact us and let us know! Like her sister, she is excited to draw pictures for her new sponsor families. 


EPHRIAM: Sponsors needed: 1 monthly sponsor 

Ephraim is the oldest of three siblings. His daddy has a hard time finding consistent work as a handyman and his mommy is busy taking care of all three children. (The youngest of whom is just 3 months old) When Ephraim came to us he was vomiting and repeatedly running to the bathroom. He really needs a one-time sponsorship of $40 to cover his medical costs so that he can feel better.

Ephraim also needs a monthly sponsorship of $40 a month in order to pay for the weekly food bucket that will enable him to remain in our program. With his daddy having a hard time finding work, food can be hard to come by for this little man. Please pray about sponsoring Ephriam!


IRENE: Sponsors needed: 3 monthly sponsors  

Irene is the younger sister of Ephraim. At one year old she is malnourished and fully reliant on Formula. Irene needs three $40 monthly sponsors to cover the cost of her formula. OR one monthly sponsor that can give $120 per month. Also, a one time gift of $40 will cover all of her medical costs and food as she stays at the baby house and begins to get used to a consistent flow of nutritious foods.

Irene is adorable and wants to constantly be held. She is all smiles when you hold her and pay attention to her but does not believe anyone else deserves as much attention as she does. Irene loves to explore and  to get into anything that she is not allowed too. She loves sneaking away and busts up laughing when you catch her. Please pray for Irene and her family and consider becoming one of her sponsors!


JOVELYN: Sponsors needed:  FULLY SPONSORED! 

Jovelyn is a firecracker. She's very sassy and knows what she wants. She has a spunky personality and is absolutely beautiful. Jovelyn is the oldest of 2 children. She lives in a very dangerous area of town and her house is in constant threat of flooding. Her favorite person in the world is her Lola(Grandma). Most days, you can find Jovelyn spending time as Lola's close buddy.

Right now Jovelyn is struggling with a painful mouth infection. She is having a hard time eating and needs immediate medical attention. This requires a one-time sponsorship to cover the cost of her medication and stay at the baby house is order for her to feel better and be able to eat healthily. She also needs a $40 monthly sponsor ; this will provide a weekly food bucket for her and her family.

AILYN: Sponsors needed:  FULLY SPONSORED!  

Ailyn is just learning how to walk and explore. She is breastfed, but is now beginning to eat table foods. Unfortunately Ailyn's mommy and daddy have a hard time providing for her growing appetite.

Ailyn is the younger sister of Jovelyn. (Pictured above) Right now, Ailyn is dealing with a parasitic infection and needs immediate treatment. Please consider providing Jovelyn with a 1 time gift of $40 USD to cover her medical treatment, or a monthly sponsorship so that she can receive a grocery bucket each week.

*names are now being changed to protect the privacy of our families*

How our "Formula for the Philippines" program works:

Each child is specifically chosen for the program. They are from the poorest families in our area. The child's age and overall heath determines which of the program's three phases they are placed in:
  • Age 0-1 receives strictly formula; (formula is necessary due to the low rate of breastfeeding in the Philippines - some health practitioners even discourage mothers from breastfeeding saying that it is likely they won't be able to do it. We provide mothers with breastfeeding education and support so that they will be better able to provide wholesome nutrition to future children.)
  • Age 1-2 receives a mixture of formula and coconut milk; (to assist in fighting parasites and in overall health)
  • Age 2 years and up receives a weekly food box.

Details of sponsorship:

    We have divided the cost of providing food and services into sponsorship "units", as follows:
    • One time medical sponsorship: Most children considered for our program come to us with serious medical needs. After we sign them up, children may spend up to two weeks with us (and several other care providers) receiving treatment for things like parasite infestations, lice, or injuries. They are given 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, clothes, diapers and anything else they need. For this stay they need a one time sponsorship of $40 USD

    • Age 0-1: Due to the cost of formula, each child in this group requires three sponsors - each making a pledge of $40 USD/month.
    • 1-2 years old: Because all of our children struggle with parasites, when they turn one year old we begin to add coconut milk into their diet. Coconut milk is a natural parasite killer that we have seen work firsthand. For this age group, we are asking for two sponsors per child to pledge $40 USD/month.
    • 2 years and above: At this age, we begin to officially wean them off of milk. Children 2 and up receive a food box once each week that includes 4 kilos of rice, 6 eggs, 2 cans of sardines, 2 cans of meatloaf, 2 cans of corned beef, 2 packets of noodles, 2 packets of powdered milk, and almost half a kilo of fresh chicken for the day. One person pledging $40 USD/month can provide for a child in this phase of the program.
      It is also our goal to educate mothers about how to breastfeed and care for their children so that we never have a return "client". When a baby graduates from this program, the mother should have a sufficient knowledge of hygiene and other information to keep her child/children safe from illness and disease.

      Getting involved:

      If you want to sponsor a child, we would love for you to feel personally involved! To sponsor a specific child, please contact Sarah with the child's name AND your address, so that we can send you a letter or a picture every once in a while! You can contact us at: contact@worldfamilymissions.com